Freight Stocks: A Year-to-Year Review

Freight Stocks: A Year-to-Year Review

Ten Logistics Stocks: Performance Year-to-Year

Today we will look at ten stocks in the freight logistics space. We analyzed these stocks to determine their performance in the past year. Some have made gains, and some have made losses. 

As we look at these ten stocks, we must know what to look for to determine whether a stock is performing well. Here are some basic definitions  for you:

Market capitalization refers to the total value of all a company’s shares of stock. A company with 2 million shares selling at $50 a share would have a market cap of $100 million.

Revenue: This is the total amount of money earned by a company for selling its goods and services.

Net income: These are sales when you subtract all expenses.

Net profit margin: measures how much net income is generated as a percentage of revenue.

United Parcel Service, Inc.

Stock Ticker: NYSE: UPS

The company’s following earnings report is expected on July 6, 2022. With a market capitalization of $160.5B, their stock is trading at $185.19. UPS stock is down -12.84% from $212.46 a year ago.

In the last quarter ending March 2022, revenue was up 6.42% to $24.3B. Net income was down 44% to $2.6B, while the net profit margin was down 47.8%. 

Marten Transport LTD

Stock Ticker: NASDAQ: MRTN

It is one of the leading temperature-sensitive truckload carriers in the United States. The company offers refrigerated and dry truck-based capabilities.

With a market capitalization of $1.64B a year ago, the company’s stock was $15.40. It sells at $19.82, a 29.04% improvement year-to-year. The operating income for the second quarter of 2022 improved 43.5% to $40.9 million. Revenue was up 28.8%.

Hub Group Inc

Stock Ticker: NASDAQ: HUBG

Hub Group is a supply chain solutions provider that offers transport and logistics Management in North America.

With a stock market capitalization of $2.4 billion, the stock is trading at $72.99, up 13.78% from $64.15 a year ago. In April 2022, Hub Group posted first-quarter earnings of $2.58 per share on revenue of almost $1.3 billion. Their following earnings report is expected to be July 27, 2022.

Old Dominion Freight

Stock Ticker: NASDAQ: ODFL

ODFL is one of the largest North American less-than-truckload (LTL) motor carriers. 

Their market capitalization is $29.6 billion. A year ago, Old Dominion’s stock price was trading at $253.04. Today it is up by 6.94% at $270.60.

C.H Robinson Worldwide Inc

Stock Ticker: NASDAQ: CHRW

CH Robinson is the largest 3PL provider in the U S. They have:

  • Nearly 100,000 customers 
  • 85,000 contract carriers

CH Robinson’s market capitalization is $12.4 billion. Its stock is trading at $100.75, up 8.15% from a year ago when it sold for $93.12. Revenue was up 41.88% in the last quarter at $6.8 billion. Net income was up 56% at $270 million. Total revenue for 2021 was $23.1 billion.

Landstar System, Inc

Stock Ticker: NASDAQ: LSTR

Landstar is a transportation services company that specializes in third-party logistics. It has:

  • A network of independent freight agents
  • An extensive network of more than 11,000 independent owner operators
  • Other third-party capacity providers

Their stock was trading at $154.10 a year ago. Now it is trading at $154.74, up 0.63% in the past year. Market capitalization is $5.61 billion. In the quarter ending March 2022, their revenue was up 53% to 1.97 billion. Net income was up 61.6% to $124.84 million. The company’s net profit margin was up 5.5% in that quarter.

ZTO Express (Cayman) Inc.

Stock Ticker: NYSE: ZTO

It is one of the leading express delivery companies in China. With a 20.4% market share in 2020, it is the express delivery partner for millions of commerce customers. These include:

  • online merchants
  • consumers selling and buying products on e-commerce sites like Alibaba, PDD,

This company comes in with a market capitalization of $21.43 billion. The stock has gone down -9.19% in the past year. In the last quarter, revenue was up 22.12%, and net income was up by 69.83%. The net profit margin was up by 32.9%.

Radiant Logistics, Inc.


This non-asset-based global transportation and supply chain Management Company has:

  • 100 operating locations worldwide
  • It provides a broad range of services in several industries, like supplying white-glove delivery services to the retail sector and transporting heavy machinery worldwide.

With a market capitalization of $368.94M, Radiant’s stock is trading at $7.43. That is up 15.02% from a year ago when it was trading at $6.46. In the last quarter ending March 2022, the company’s revenue was up 94.86% to $460.9M. Net income was up 187.7% to 14.34M, while the net profit margin was up by 47.39% in the last quarter.

Expeditors International of Washington Inc

Stock Ticker: NASDAQ: EXPD

EXPD is a global logistics company that provides air and ocean freight, freight forwarding, vendor consolidation, customs clearance, marine insurance, distribution, and other international logistics services.

This company has a market capitalization of $16.6B. A year ago, the stock was trading at $128.62. Now it is trading at $99.75, down over 22%. In the last quarter, net earnings rose by 21% to $346M. Operating Income increased 20% to $462M. Revenue was up $46% to $4.7B.

Werner Enteprises Inc.

Stock Ticker: NASDAQ: WERN

Werner is a logistics and trucking company that services the US, Mexico, and Canada. 

Their fleet comprises approximately 10,000 tractors and 26,000 trailers and employs 13,500 employees and subcontractors.

The company’s market capitalization stands at $2.65B. However, its stock is down -7.60%, trading at $41.36 compared to $44.76 a year ago. In the last quarter, their revenue was up 24.03% at 764.6M. Net income was up 15.61% to 53.75M. Their net profit margin was down 6.76% in the last quarter.

Final thoughts

These freight logistics companies offer exciting opportunities for anyone who wants to buy stocks. We hope this year-to-year analysis has helped make you a savvy investor.

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