$5 Million Worth of Stolen Sneakers and Merch Found in Chicago Warehouse

Chicago police bust a massive shoe theft ring in a West Side warehouse, seizing nearly $5 million worth of high-end footwear stolen from freight trains.

$5 Million Worth of Stolen Sneakers and Merch Found in Chicago Warehouse
Image Source: Lyons Police Department

Chicago police have recovered nearly $5 million in high-end stolen sneakers and related merchandise from a warehouse in the city's Austin neighborhood.

Sophisticated Cargo Theft Ring Revealed

A meticulously coordinated theft operation was uncovered centering the Austin neighborhood warehouse. Sneakers were swiped from freight trains nationwide before being funneled to this location.

The bust was triggered by a report to the Lyons Police Department, resulting in an investigation that spotlighted a growing trend in railroad cargo thefts.

  • Among the stolen goods were coveted limited edition sneakers from Nike, Yeezy, and more.
  • Stolen merchandise was relabeled, marked up by 100%, and shipped.
  • Unaware of the scheme, retailers bought shoes marked on social platforms or via direct referrals.

The Aftermath: Charges and Ongoing Investigations

  • Two individuals charged; several others under investigation.
  • Lyons Police Department to provide more details in an upcoming press conference.
  • Brands like Nike, Adidas, Supreme, and Uggs are yet to respond to inquiries.

This bust reveals the growing sophistication of cargo theft operations that have been surging across the country. Increases in theft have been a major discussion among retailers recently, highlighting its impact on profits.

Source: CBS News

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