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Armstrong Transport Group, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, has been a non-asset-based logistics authority for nearly two decades. Our technology-driven approach links shippers to an expansive multimodal carrier network, enhancing cost-effectiveness and carrier profitability. As a Top 20 Freight Brokerage, we support a network of independent freight agent offices across the US and Canada, delivering comprehensive logistics solutions. Discover more at www.armstrongtransport.com.

Are you an experienced freight agent looking to take your career to the next level? Or perhaps you're relatively new to the logistics industry and want to learn from the best. Whatever your background, Armstrong Transport Group is the partner you need to succeed. Click here to learn more.

FreightCaviar has partnered with AscendTMS to offer you a totally free transportation management system (TMS) that will help you manage your entire transportation business. From driver or carrier dispatch, driver pay to settlement, commission management, IFTA reporting, customer management to invoicing, and load tendering to funding, AscendTMS does everything any trucking, broker, or 3PL company needs to be healthy and profitable.

Receive 3 Months Free of AscendTMS with reference code: RA-FreightCaviar!

ChainCargo, a leading Dutch logistics company active in Europe and the U.S., has rebranded to CtrlChain, marking a significant step in its growth strategy. The combination of "Ctrl" and "Chain" symbolizes a control tower, highlighting the access to crucial data insights and control over the logistics processes. This results in enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved service levels.

The company has grown impressively, boasting a significant growth rate in the last five years and expanding its network notably within the FTL market in Europe and recently in the U.S. The company addresses key industry challenges such as freight fraud and driver shortages while emphasizing sustainability by offsetting CO2 emissions.

Nothing is more accurate than real-time tracking. Follow your truckload’s entire journey with our transportation management system, XTMS. With status notifications delivered every 15 minutes through a centralized platform, you can pinpoint a truck’s exact location, maximizing planning and route efficiency and making smarter decisions, faster.

See XTMS in action and join the thousands of users who are controlling costs and improving their customer relationships. Sign up to demo XTMS here.

Epay Manager, powered by OTR Solutions, is a back-office automation and carrier payments platform that allows freight brokers to reduce costs and increase the efficiencies of their back-office operations. Schedule a demo today to see how Epay can help reduce your cost per invoice by over 50%. Click here to learn more.

Greenscreens.ai, forecasts real-time truckload buy prices that are suited to each freight brokerage's purchasing power using AI and machine learning. Its engine takes into account over 130 attributes and data points in each rate forecast.

Exciting news: Until the end of Q2, receive a 20% discount on all new contracts with Greenscreens.ai. Click here to learn more.

ISO is the industry’s first neutral Service Index, providing freight brokers with a platform to objectively measure their performance strengths. Gain access to industry-wide performance benchmarks, dynamic carrier & customer scorecards, and powerful analytics to raise service standards across your network. Visit iso.io to get started.

Levity helps fast-moving 3PLs and freight brokers to do more with less by automating the most time-consuming and repetitive email tasks.

Whether it is spot quoting, load building or answering track and trace requests. Levity connects to your inbox, TMS and other tools like rating engines, extracting the right information no matter the language or format. It performs tasks on your behalf automatically in the background so you can save time and focus on building shipper relationships instead of data entry. Learn more on Levity.ai today.

OTR Solutions offers a wide range of services for the trucking & freight brokerage community, including financing and back-office solutions, a dedicated fuel team, and innovative technology to help carriers and brokers start and grow successful operations.

Rapido Solutions Group is a top nearshore staffing company providing logistics and supply chain talent to companies in the United States. Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Rapido offers a unique combination of cost savings and access to a skilled workforce, making it an attractive option for American logistics businesses.

See what makes nearshoring to Mexico an attractive option for scaling a logistics company and how partnering with Rapido Solutions Group simplifies the whole process.

ShipperCRM is a comprehensive platform built specifically for freight sales pros. It combines standard CRM functionalities with tools that help find, secure, and manage more freight business. The platform's unique selling proposition is its massive database of shippers, which it compiles from hundreds of accurate sources.

ShipperCRM Pro continuously updates its shipper database, maintaining accuracy and freshness. The platform offers a 14-day free trial and a flexible pricing plan that caters to various user needs.

TAB specializes in customized solutions for inbound and outbound freight management, freight consolidation, distribution, and warehousing. Leveraging the latest technologies, a private fleet, and an extensive carrier network, TAB ensures cost efficiency, shorter delivery times, enhanced customer service, and logistical improvements.

Their unique approach includes providing onsite personnel to seamlessly integrate with client teams, making TAB an indispensable partner for companies aiming to overcome logistic challenges and optimize their supply chain. Click here to see how TAB can take your management system to the next level.

TextLocate makes it easy for brokers to communicate directly with drivers via SMS-based text messaging—no app to download—without having to use personal communication devices. Features like 2-way text chat, one-time location updates, and image capture (think BOLs and PODs) all inside a simple dashboard give brokers the quick updates they need to make better decisions about freight. Instead of wasting time calling drivers, brokers simply automate the process through TextLocate and save hours at very little cost investment.

Click here to schedule a demo with TextLocate.

TruckerTools is the ultimate Carrier Relationship Management platform designed for shippers, freight brokers, and carriers. It offers real-time visibility of all cargo loads, from pickup to delivery, ensuring transparency and efficient tracking. Additionally, it enhances booking efficiency, allowing users to book 15% more loads digitally, anytime through automated negotiations. Lastly, it serves as an engagement platform, providing access to carriers and drivers outside one's network, thus opening up previously unreachable connections.

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