About Freight Caviar

About Freight Caviar
Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski (PBJ), Reed Loustalot (founder of LostFr8.com), and Krystian Gebis (co-founder of FreightCaviar) at the Chicago Blackhawks game. We were invited by CPKC to their box seats.

FreightCaviar, founded by Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski, specializes in blending humor with hard-hitting insights in the freight brokerage industry. Beyond our engaging newsletter, podcast, and memes, we offer tailored marketing services. These include crafting insightful blogs and articles and providing targeted exposure for companies eager to connect with freight brokers.

Chief Writer & Customer Service Manager, Adriana Pulley, leads our content creation, ensuring that every piece resonates with our audience's needs and elevates our partners' profiles within the freight community.

For sponsorship and content marketing inquiries, reach out to Paul at pbj@freightcaviar.com.

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