Becker Logistics Recovering From Ransomware Attack

Early this year, Becker faced a ransomware attack that crippled their operations, prompting a major rebuild.

Becker Logistics Recovering From Ransomware Attack
Image Source: u/BeckerLogistics via Reddit

After a Reddit user posted in the Freight Brokers forum asking what is happening with Becker Logistics, the official account of Becker Logistics replied. The company faced a ransomware attack early this year that crippled its operations, prompting a major rebuild.

Here's the full response:

byu/thegoldendoodleone from discussion

What's the Word on the Web?

  • Credit Crunch: Users shared updates on credit scores and alerts, painting a picture of financial strain post-attack.
  • Mixed Results: While some vendors faced payment delays, small carriers reported timely payments.
  • Security Lesson: The ordeal served as a big reminder of the importance of ransomware protection and secure backups.

Source: Reddit's Freight Brokers Forum

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