California Announces $1.5B in Port Infrastructure Upgrades

California invests over $1.5B in port infrastructure, including $450M for zero-emission projects, to boost efficiency, sustainability, and resilience in its supply chain.

California Announces $1.5B in Port Infrastructure Upgrades
Photo by Barrett Ward / Unsplash

Governor Gavin Newsom of California has announced an investment of over $1.5 billion, including about $450 million for zero-emission projects, aimed at building a more efficient, sustainable, and resilient supply chain in the state. This investment, which is anticipated to generate around 20,000 jobs, will fund 15 projects that increase the capacity to move goods throughout the state, reduce environmental impacts, and provide safety improvements. Included are major upgrades at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach – the busiest ports in the Western Hemisphere. The funding supports the state's efforts to combat climate change, enhance its supply chain infrastructure, and maintain its critical role in the national and global economy.


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