Canadian Trucking Firm Suspended After Repeated Overpass Collisions

Chohan Freight Forwarders suspended after six overpass collisions in two years, leading to stricter fines and operational changes in British Columbia.

Canadian Trucking Firm Suspended After Repeated Overpass Collisions
A girder hauled by truck slammed into overpass. Image Source: CTV News

Chohan Freight Forwarders, a Canadian trucking company, has been ordered to cease operations following a recent incident where one of its trucks struck a highway overpass in British Columbia (BC), causing significant traffic delays and infrastructure damage.

Image Source: CTV News

Key Points:

  • History of Incidents: This was the sixth overpass collision involving Chohan Freight in the past two years, including a previous strike at the same overpass in February 2022.
  • Immediate Suspension: The BC Ministry of Transportation suspended the company's safety certificate, affecting its 65-truck fleet.

BC Transportation Minister Rob Fleming emphasized the suspension was due to the company's failure to ensure safe operations. The ongoing investigation could lead to further actions, and the driver and the carrier will face the country's toughest fines.

The recent accident occurred along Highway 99 and 112th Street in Delta, involving a truck carrying oversized steel girders. The aftermath included lane closures and hospitalization of one person in stable condition.

While Chohan Freight Forwarders did not immediately comment, a spokesperson stated to CBC News that they adhere to safety protocols. They attributed the latest crash to driver error, explaining the driver failed to wait for the required permit and route directions for his oversized load.

Cohan-owned truck crashed into home. Image Source: Gary Barnes/ Capital News

Past Incidents:

  • Suspension History: After a crash on June 8, 2022, the company's operations were briefly suspended but resumed after presenting a revised safety plan.
  • Additional Collisions: Chohan Freight was involved in overpass strikes in December 2021, February 2022, and June 2022, along with an April 2022 incident where a truck crashed into a house in Kelowna.

Wider Context:

  • BC Overpass Collisions: In 2023, there were 17 overpass collisions involving tractor-trailers.
  • New Regulations: BC has introduced stricter fines and requirements for dump-style vehicles, including in-cab warning devices for trailers.

Minister Fleming highlighted the severe impact of such crashes on commuters, goods movement, and emergency services, leading to tougher fines and fleet suspensions.

Source: FreightWaves

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