Driver Rescued From Sysco Semi Dangling Over River

A Sysco semi-truck hung precariously from a Louisville bridge over the Ohio River on Friday, prompting a daring rescue.

Driver Rescued From Sysco Semi Dangling Over River
Image Source: WBNS 10TV/YouTube

On Friday, March 1st, a heart-stopping incident occurred on the Clark Memorial Bridge in Kentucky, as a semi-truck crashed through the guardrail, leaving it dangling perilously over the Ohio River.

The unidentified driver was crossing the bridge northbound when the truck shifted lanes and smashed through the barrier.

Video footage of driver's rescue. Source: WBNS 10TV/YouTube

Firefighter Bryce Carden executed a daring rappel down to the dangling cab, rescuing the driver in a "once-in-a-career" event that lasted around 40 minutes.

Two other vehicles were involved in the crash, with one victim in worse condition than the semi driver.

The bridge was closed in both directions as authorities worked to remove the truck, which remained precariously suspended. The crash is currently under investigation.

Source: New York Post

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