Dystopian Vision of 2051

Dystopian Vision of 2051
The Nightmare of Sustainability

Responsibility has become a privilege of the super-rich and socially disconnected.

The USA was still a pioneer in the green transition at the end of the 2020s.
This article, dated May 15, 2051, tells the dream of a sustainable development that turned into a nightmare.

Our country is now a shadow of its former self, yes even the state of California. Nature has suffered, infrastructure has deteriorated, and society has become divided. Logistics are at a standstill, and the availability of goods and services has declined.

The Paris Agreement was humanity's greatest show of solidarity. The climate target agreement signed by 196 parties crumbled into the illusion of sustainability. We focused on cost-efficiency at the expense of nature.

We naively thought that reducing materialism would enrich our lives and that we would be willing to give up our current behavior patterns. We never tried alternative energies properly because it was too expensive.
We focused our energy on living for the next day and neglecting the environment which has lowered the quality of life for our future generations.

Now, a billion people around the world are desperately fleeing for cleaner water. National borders are expanding, and the cost of living is increasing.
The regulated Western society has collapsed.

Prioritizing short-term cost efficiency has poisoned the planet. Polluted roads, overflowing landfills, and toxic air have hindered our progress. Sea routes are clogged with plastic waste.

During the COVID-19 era, the hit was a hot tub, now it's a bubble dome in the yard to spend time outside.

Clean water and fossil fuels are becoming scarce, leading to wars. States hoard resources and trade flows are disrupted. Material shortages halt manufacturing, and logistics networks are paralyzed.

Renewable energy took a U-turn because the expense was too great compared to traditional fuels.

Export and mobility had to be facilitated, and companies couldn't afford to transition because no one was willing to pay for it.

Solar and wind farms are decaying due to a lack of spare parts, and weather phenomena are changing the playing field.

It's no longer profitable to repair all roads, and people have had to move due to climate change. We experience radical weather all over the country and it has struck our farmers.

Road maintenance debts accumulated over 20 years leave their mark, and there are restrictions on movement. On the motorway, you can drive in your time slot and at a maximum speed of 40 miles/h. The number of logistics companies has decreased to less than a dozen, and they all operate from joint terminals.

Automation was supposed to be the salvation. Massive layoffs have led to unprecedented unemployment. The underground economy thrives, and workers' rights are trampled for a few cents profit.

Cyber wars are commonplace. Automated logistics systems are a primary target, and supply chains are more vulnerable than ever.

Artificial intelligence deepens inequality and emphasizes the human ability to make mistakes. Trust in artificial intelligence led to finger-pointing and a sense that everything was going great. We lost interest in questioning because we spent more time on news websites and watching TV.

Blockchain also collapsed and proved to be extremely vulnerable. Increasing fraud without regulation and government support drove down promising technology.

Fortunately, next month the original Paris Agreement will be reintroduced with new targets for 2100.

By then, we will surely have learned from our mistakes. We will find a more sustainable way of living. We face enormous challenges, but I strongly believe that collective effort and innovation can turn the situation around for the better.

The future is not yet written, and we have the opportunity to create a world where future generations can enjoy life as we did in the 21st century.

We are one anxious moment closer to change and only realized actions reduce our anxiety because we have evidence of our successes.

I believe I can write outdoors again without squinting and without my eyes watering for more than ten minutes in ten years.

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