Former Roadrunner Manager Sentenced for $113K Wire Fraud

Ex-Roadrunner dispatch manager sentenced to 18 months for stealing nearly $113K through wire fraud, highlighting management issues.

Former Roadrunner Manager Sentenced for $113K Wire Fraud

Amy Shepherd, a former dispatch manager at Roadrunner Temperature Controlled, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for wire fraud, involving nearly $113,000 stolen from the company. Shepherd, from Wichita, Kansas, collaborated with truck driver Johnny Bradford II to fraudulently generate driver cash advances using the EFS electronic wire transfer service. Over a 16-month period, Shepherd issued advances and sent EFS check codes to Bradford, who would cash the checks and return a portion of the money to Shepherd via Western Union. This fraudulent activity continued even after Bradford left Roadrunner. Bradford also pleaded guilty to wire fraud and awaits sentencing. The incident highlights management issues within Roadrunner, as pointed out by a former employee of a company acquired by Roadrunner.

Source: Freight Waves

Source: Kevin Rutherford / Let's Truck

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