🎣 Can Freight Brokerage Be Automated?

Plus: An infamous double broker is exposed as a DEA informant, Arrive Logistics releases its May freight market update, and more.

🎣 Can Freight Brokerage Be Automated?
Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski (PBJ), Anthony Fecarotta (Founder & President of Linehaul.ai), and Krystian Gebis after interviewing Anthony last month with a backdrop of Chicago, the freight brokerage capital of the world.

In this week's episode of The FreightCaviar Podcast, we talked about the future of freight brokerage and how/when it will be automated with Anthony Fecarotta (Founder & President of linehaul.ai). Tune in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.

🤔 Question of the Day: What is the top supply chain disruptor for 2024, according to Everstream.ai's latest Risk Report? Find out in today's main story.

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