FreightCaviar at F3: Future of Freight Festival 2023

Join the F3: Future of Freight Festival 2023 for key insights on freight's future with top industry leaders and tech showcases in Chattanooga.

FreightCaviar at F3: Future of Freight Festival 2023
Image Source: FreightWaves

The F3: Future of Freight Festival 2023 is the second annual event hosted by FreightWaves, which will take place from November 7-9, 2023, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

FreightCaviar will be present to capture the event as it happens, so look forward to upcoming content across our social media channels.

Innovation and Interaction

The festival's agenda is bursting with over 70 freight industry experts and thought leaders delivering keynotes, engaging in panels, and presenting cutting-edge ideas. Expect to hear from industry heavyweights like Brad Jacobs from XPO, Inc., and Alex Epstein, known for his stance on fossil fuels' pivotal role in the industry's flourishing future.

Diverse Discourse

From tech advancements to market trends, the festival is a buffet of learning opportunities. Noteworthy mentions include Chris Voss, the negotiation maestro, and Brian Cristol of ISO, a pioneer in logistics technology. Their insights promise to be as valuable as they are varied.

View the complete list of speakers here.

Beyond the Talks

Apart from talks, there's a showcase of emerging tech and services set to redefine the freight landscape. Educational sessions elevate your understanding and open doors to new business avenues.

A visual look at some of the companies making an appearance at F3. Source: FreightWaves

Hop on the Stream! For those who can't make it in person, sessions will be live-streamed for free.
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