Freight Rates Trend - June 5, 2023 Freight Rates Trend - June 5, 2023 provides its freight market update for June 5th, 2023, detailing the 30-day average rate per mile trend for dry vans across key lanes. The Baltimore, MD - Chicago, IL lane had an average length of 725 miles and demonstrated a 3.5% increase in the rate per mile from its 30-day average of $1.54. The Dallas, TX - Lubbock, TX lane saw a 2.1% rise in its rate per mile, with an average journey length of 337 miles. However, rates on the Charlotte, NC - Lakeland, FL lane, spanning an average of 588 miles, decreased by 4.1% from its 30-day average rate of $2.74. Finally, the rate per mile for the Stockton, CA - Ontario, CA lane, averaging 367 miles, fell by 4.3% from its 30-day average of $1.74.

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