Top Lane Movers for September 1, 2023 Top Lane Movers for September 1, 2023


  1. Seattle, WA - San Francisco, CA: Clocking in an average of $1.34 per mile over the past month, it's now reaching up to the Greenscreens AI-predicted rate of $1.46, revealing a robust uptrend of 6.6%.
  2. Chicago, IL - Atlanta, GA: Holding steady with an average rate of $1.81 per mile, it's inching close to the predictive $1.84, marking an upward momentum of 4.5%.
  3. Charlotte, NC - Houston, TX: This lane's average of $2.51 per mile now echoes the anticipated $2.64, with a promising rise of 4%.


  1. Shreveport, LA - Houston, TX: A slip on this route. This lane shows a 30-day average of $3.14 per mile, above the predicted $2.43, recording a downward tilt of 8.8%. continues to forecast real-time truckload buy prices tailored for each freight brokerage's purchasing power utilizing the precision of AI and machine learning. Every forecast is crafted considering over 130 attributes and data markers.

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