How Double Brokers Are Hacking Your DAT Account

On Saturday, we received a message from a follower on Instagram warning us about someone in our Telegram chat group who was selling DAT login accounts from hacked accounts. This is part of a new double brokering scam where hackers have been obtaining brokerage and carrier accounts on DAT and impersonating other companies. We’ve been exposing these fraudulent companies on our Instagram stories, and it’s led to a factoring company reaching out and thanking us for helping them save numerous invoices from being paid to these fraudulent accounts.

Unfortunately, with the dwindling freight market, double brokers who used to make money off of just double brokering loads are now turning to other schemes to make money. It’s up to each company and individual to protect themselves from being scammed. While transportation owners have been upset that law enforcement agencies have not responded to their calls to stop this scheme, the reality is that these scams are often too small in scale and spread out across various companies for agencies to get involved.

We’ve also been asked why DAT hasn’t done more to stop double brokers and scammers. While we can’t speak for DAT, we do believe that legitimate companies should go through a process to legitimize their use of DAT and that there should be a process to authenticate every login. For now, we need to rely on ourselves to protect our companies, but we hope DAT takes a more proactive approach to solving this problem.

If you use DAT, please make sure to change your password immediately, as there is a possibility it may have been hacked. It’s also important to turn on multi-factor authentication if it’s available. Stay safe out there!

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