Shaking Up Supply Chains: Top 10 Logistics Disruptors

Shaking Up Supply Chains: Top 10 Logistics Disruptors
German boys shaking it up in Europe. Image source: Sennder

Our beloved old-fashioned industry is facing many changes by the end of this decade. We are going full throttle with the energy transition and digital transformation, and we can't deny that geopolitics is also shaking things up.
Here are ten supply chain startups that need a shout-out.
The companies listed are not in any specific order, they are all great.

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10. Einride

Image source: Einride

 A Swedish company that focuses on electric and autonomous trucks.
Please note that the vehicles don’t even have a seat built for the driver. It’s fully remote-controlled. The most noticeable pilot is ongoing with General Electric.


 9.  Zipline

Image source: Zipline

An American company that delivers blood bags and medicine in Africa.
They started in 2016 by delivering blood to 21 hospitals in Rwanda. When traditional deliveries were unsafe, slow, and unreliable the air approach by drones has saved time and lives. Now they have expanded to four different continents.


 8. Locus robotics

Image source: Locus Robotics

The American startup develops autonomous robots for warehouses and terminals.
DHL has globally over 3000 of these robots working in their facilities.
A quote declared that the price of one robot could be up to 35,000 dollars.
They increase picked items from 30 %, up to 180 % in an hour.


7. Logmore

Image source: Logmore

The Finnish company Logmore showcased its capabilities globally during the coronavirus crisis, and its product has now established itself as a reliable data collection device that records location, temperature, humidity, light, shocks, and package orientation during transport. It has become a household name in critical healthcare shipments where temperature fluctuations can be life-threatening for end users.

Company website:

6. Flock Freight

The American company Flock Freight optimizes and combines multiple partial load shipments without any intermediate unloading. They have managed to save customers up to 40% on costs. Delivery reliability is over 97% and only 0.001% of shipments are damaged.

Company website:

5. Vechain

Singaporean Vechain offers transparency and ensures data integrity through blockchain technology. They already have several partnerships across different industries.All parties can securely track shipment data and the desired features.

For example, all parties can track the temperature data of pharmaceutical shipments in real-time, and the data is also stored in tamper-proof for everyone to access.

Company website:

4. Fourkites

This American company was founded ten years ago and is the most well-known company on this list. Coca-Cola, Walmart, Bayer, and Nestlé are examples of companies that use Fourkites' platform to enable supply chain transparency. No further explanations are needed.

Company website:

3. Sennder

Make logistics sexy again as the header image declares. The German company Sennder is a digital freight forwarder that connects thousands of smaller transport companies to be of use as service providers for larger logistics companies.

Sennder has raised around €200 million in funding and has a market value of around €1 billion.

Company website:

2. Fr8labs

Fr8labs is one of Asia's hottest future maritime transport enablers. The Indonesian company is building a network of small and medium-sized freight forwarding companies connected through a SaaS solution. Their new-generation platform combines all information into one system that handles shipment management and tracking for freight forwarders and clients.

Company website:

1. Slip Robotics

Image source: Slip Robotics

The self-loading platform reduces labor costs and driver waiting times, improves safety, speeds up operations, and reduces product and equipment damage.

Companies using "slipbots" typically see a 5-10x return on investment and achieve a payback period of less than two months. This combined with autonomous trucks is a cheat code.

Company website:

Let us know about companies that should have been on the list! How many of the companies did you know before reading the list?

Bonus section:

If you are digesting to read more then look no further.
One of the world's most famous start-up accelerators Y Combinator has funded over 4000 companies and 85 of them have been from the supply chain industry.

Check them out here:

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