Knight-Swift CEO's $5.5M Exit

David Jackson, former CEO of Knight-Swift, secures a $5.5M severance, including non-compete clauses, amid industry cost cuts.

Knight-Swift CEO's $5.5M Exit

Knight-Swift's ex-CEO David Jackson is riding off with a pretty nice $5.5 million severance after stepping down. Here's the lowdown:

  • $5.5 million total severance deal.
  • A mix of lump sum and installments over two years.
  • He's agreed to non-compete and non-disclosure.

Smooth Transition:

  • Jackson’s departure comes with no fuss over company disagreements, company says.
  • He's also getting a piece of his 2024 bonus and health benefits.

Legal Lockdown:

  • Jackson's severance comes with strings attached to protect Knight-Swift.
  • There are non-disclosure, non-disparage, and other agreements in place to protect proprietary secrets.

Source: Trucking Dive

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