Manifest 2024: A Visual Round-Up From Around the Industry

Manifest is over, but you can relive it all here. From predictive pricing discussions to sustainability treks in the desert, here's a roundup of memorable moments as recounted by attendees.

Manifest 2024: A Visual Round-Up From Around the Industry
ShipperCRM/FreightCaviar Co-Founder, Krystian Gebis, delivers presentation at Manifest

Manifest 2024: Unpacking the Future of Supply Chain and Logistics

As the curtains close on Manifest: The Future of Supply Chain and Logistics 2024, the buzz from the conference continues to resonate. Held in the heart of Las Vegas, this event brought together a diverse group of professionals eager to share insights, innovations, and predictions for the future of logistics. From predictive pricing discussions to sustainability treks in the desert, here's a roundup of memorable moments as recounted by attendees.

Predictive Pricing Takes Center Stage

Benjamin Gordon, Managing Partner and CEO of Cambridge Capital and BGSA, pointed out the high interest in predictive pricing at the booth. "The energy was palpable as thousands of supply chain professionals gathered, showing that the future of pricing in logistics is now," Gordon reflected.

We can't miss those amazing custom-made Hawaiian shirts the team was wearing, either.

Networking Beyond the Conference Walls

The ShipperCRM Co-Founders Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski and Krystian Gebis shared their unique experience at a TopGolf event hosted by Enveyo. As the only non-shippers present, they emphasized the importance of informal settings to foster relationships within the industry.

The Enveyo team at Top Golf. Image Source: Enveyo/LinkedIn

Exclusive Spaces for Shippers

An invitation-only Shipper Lounge caught the attention of many, with Reed Loustalot capturing the essence by noting the security presence, humorously adding, "Gotta protect the sheep from the wolves."

A Sustainable Perspective

Matt McLelland, VP of Sustainability and Innovation at Covenant, embarked on an early morning hike in Red Rocks with Founder and CEO of AV startup Outrider Andrew Smith, emphasizing the importance of sustainability.

"Scenery like this reminds us why Corporate Sustainability is crucial," McLelland shared, underlining the balance between meeting our needs today and preserving the future.

Insights from the Floor

Matt Silver with Zach Fredericks (Primary Venture Partners) and Jaime Tabachnik (Solvento) at the U2 concert.

Matt Silver, Co-Founder & CEO of Cargado, noted the impressive mix of attendees and the buzz around nearshoring. He appreciated the event's ability to convene industry heavyweights and underscored the movement toward technological advancements. Silver also shared a standout quote, highlighting the atmosphere of being deeply rooted in the supply chain conversation.

Celebrating Industry Relationships

Santosh Sankar (Dynamo Ventures), Ty Findley (Ironspring Ventures), Julian Counihan (Schematic Ventures), & Chris Stallman, CFA (Fontinalis Partners).

Ty Findley, Co-founder and General Partner at Ironspring Ventures, wrote about the significance of long-term relationships within the supply chain sector, celebrating the collective knowledge and network established over the years.

First Impressions and Lasting Connections

Krystian Gebis (ShipperCRM), Alexandra Harapi (Talentek), Satvik Agnihotri (Stealth Logistix), Hussain Ahamed (HuTech Ventures), and Juan David Vanegas (Talentek).

For Alexandra Harapi, attending Manifest marked her big intro to the supply chain world. She discussed the invaluable connections made and the broad spectrum of learning and networking opportunities the event presented.

Innovations in Experience

Adrian Garcia, Founder & CEO at Gatego, tested out the new Apple Vision Pro, taking ringing the virtual Freight Gong to the next level.

Freight Gong founder Reed Loustalot tries the Apple Vision Pro.

FreightCaviar's Continued Impact and Spotlighting ShipperCRM

Krystian Gebis, Co-Founder of FreightCaviar and ShipperCRM, shared his exhilarating experience at Manifest 2024, marking it as FreightCaviar's second year at the conference.

For the first time, the FreightCaviar team took to the stage to share our rocket ship of a journey with ShipperCRM and offered a sneak peek into what's next for our platform - a dedicated search engine for fostering shipping relationships across the US.

Manifest 2024 was an eye-opener, showcasing everything from autonomous yard tractors and yard gate check-in demos with the new Apple Vision Pro by Gatego, to the awe-inspiring efficiency of unloading a trailer in just 90 seconds. It was truly a glimpse into the future of supply chain technology.

But beyond the tech and innovations, the highlight for us was the opportunity to meet many of our nearly 80,000 FreightCaviar fans face-to-face. We also made a host of new friends, customers, partners, and collaborators.

As we look forward to locking in until TIA in April, let us know if we'll see you there!

Manifest 2024 proved to be more than just a conference; it was a melting pot of ideas, connections, and forward-thinking strategies set to shape the future of supply chain and logistics. Through these snapshots, we glimpse the diverse experiences and takeaways that make Manifest an unmissable event for industry professionals. See you at the next one!

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