🇲🇽 Mexico Freight Surge

We're also hearing grumbling about a halt in Mexico trade as customs systems crash, impacting imports and exports. The glitch has caused widespread delays over the last 48 hours.

🇲🇽 Mexico Freight Surge

Good Friday morning. Despite the U.S.-Mexico trade boom, it may be harder for America to break up with China than it appears. Plus, we've got an "Ask Kary Anything" session with Trucker Tools CEO, our favorite Manifest 2024 moments, and XPO stock outshines Bitcoin.

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  • Three Freight Headlines: "AKA" with Trucker Tools CEO, best moments of Manifest 2024, and transportation stocks to the moon.
  • U.S. Trade with Mexico Booms, But Tariffs on China Not Working
  • Around the Freight Web: Tackling towing disputes, Flexport's ex-executive issues, and financial struggles continue at Uber Freight.
  • Freight Meme of the Day

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