Million-Dollar Jewelry Heist at California Truck Stop

A Brinks-hauled jewelry theft leads to lawsuits and accusations of undervalued goods.

Million-Dollar Jewelry Heist at California Truck Stop
Source: KCAL News YouTube

The Unexpected Theft

A year ago, an early morning call brought two LA County Sheriff's deputies to an unexpected crime scene: a multi-million dollar theft at a truck stop. The thieves had broken into the back of a semi-truck trailer parked at a Flying J in Lebeck and stolen valuable jewelry worth approximately two and a half million dollars. This truck, marked with Brinks, was intended to be a secure transport.

Jerry Kroll, representing 14 plaintiff jewelers who lost their valuable pieces in the theft, has since filed a lawsuit against Brinks, the transport company responsible that night. Arnold Duke, the organizer of the jewelry show from where the items were headed, has estimated the total loss to be around a hundred million dollars, potentially making it the largest jewelry heist in US history.

Unraveling the Details of the Heist

The heist occurred on July 11th, 2022, when one Brinks employee was asleep in the cab and another was getting food. They returned to find the back lock sawed off and 24 bags of jewelry missing. Despite being led to believe their goods were being transported in an armored vehicle, the trailer was revealed to be a regular big rig.

Dueling Lawsuits Emerge

In response to the lawsuit, Brinks has argued that the jewelers had undervalued their goods, leading to the inappropriate transport method. The transport company stated that the total value of the missing items, based on the customers' provided information, is less than 10 million dollars. While some claims have been settled, others persist, with both sides accusing each other of misconduct. Meanwhile, the stolen jewelry remains missing as investigations continue.

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