New Bill May Change Truck Weight Limits

The MOVE Act proposes more state flexibility in waiving truck weight limits for emergencies and supply chain issues, sparking safety debates.

New Bill May Change Truck Weight Limits

A fresh legislative proposal, the MOVE Act, could significantly alter U.S. freight by granting states more leeway to waive federal truck weight limits.

This move aims to smooth out supply chain wrinkles but has sparked a hefty debate.

  • What's New?: The MOVE Act could allow states to bypass weight limits due to emergencies or supply chain disruptions, with waivers lasting 270 days, extendable by 90 days.
  • Support vs. Safety Concerns: While backed by the American Trucking Associations and the Shippers Coalition, safety advocates worry heavier trucks could lead to higher crash rates.

Safety at Stake?
Critics, like the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks, argue this could dangerously stretch the definition of "emergency," risking road safety with potentially perpetual heavy loads. Owner-operators express concerns over the adequacy of equipment and the increased stopping distances required for heavier loads.

Looking Forward
The MOVE Act's implications could be vast, affecting everything from emergency response efficiency to daily road safety. As the bill wades through the legislative process, its potential to reshape freight movements hangs in the balance.

Source: FreightWaves

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