OTR Solutions Resolves Issues with Convoy, Showcases Success

OTR Solutions resolves misunderstandings with Convoy and showcases its success rate, underscoring its authority in the industry.

OTR Solutions Resolves Issues with Convoy, Showcases Success

A recent hiccup between OTR Solutions and digital freight brokerage Convoy created a buzz throughout the industry on Friday. When Convoy was placed on OTR Solutions' "Do Not Buy" list over credit concerns, the freight community took notice. Some experts highlighted how fear in a story like this could feed on itself as shippers pull their freight, creating a chain reaction into bankruptcy.

Source: Facebook / Rate Per Mile Masters via FreightWaves

Such episodes underscore the vital role of trust in the sector. But, in a testament to adaptability and communication, both companies promptly clarified their positions. They jointly addressed the 'misunderstanding,' and Convoy confirmed its up-to-date payment status.

The incident also sets the stage for OTR Solutions to underscore its authority in the community. Their recent data speaks volumes about their industry stature.

Source: OTR Solutions
  • Success Streak: An impressive 78% of OTR Solutions' factoring clients who started operations in 2022 are still thriving by July 2023.
  • Comparison: This success overshadows 63% of all carriers (whether factoring or not), establishing that carriers associated with OTR Solutions are 15% more likely to sustain operations past the first year.

The resolution with Convoy and OTR Solutions' success rate show the company's commitment and adaptability in the freight industry.

Source: FreightWaves | OTR Solutions

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