Pandemic-Driven Warehouse Hiring Boom Fizzles Out

The rapid hiring in warehousing during the pandemic slows down, reflecting changes in the labor market and a slowdown in online sales growth.

Pandemic-Driven Warehouse Hiring Boom Fizzles Out
Photo by Adrian Sulyok / Unsplash

The warehouse hiring boom that took place during the pandemic is ending. Factors like a more relaxed US labor market, slower online sales growth, and wider economic uncertainty have caused many companies to pause their hiring processes, despite the logistics sector being one of the fastest-growing job markets. In a stark shift from previous years' aggressive recruiting methods, employers now choose to wait for the right fit rather than hastily filling positions. Nevertheless, the average hourly wage for a warehouse worker in the US remains at a pandemic-era high, with no signs of reverting to pre-Covid levels.

Source: WSJ

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