Record-Breaking Heatwave Sweeps Across Southern U.S.

Triple-digit temperatures and soaring heat index levels have led to Excessive Heat Warnings across Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Over 29 million people are urged to take precautions against heat-related illnesses, while the power grid braces for record demand.

Record-Breaking Heatwave Sweeps Across Southern U.S.
Heat index across the South for Wednesday, June 21. Source: Fox Weather

Texas, Louisiana, and parts of Mississippi are currently facing an unprecedented heatwave, with temperatures hitting the triple digits and "feels-like" temperatures reaching up to 120 degrees in areas. The extreme heat and high humidity have put more than 29 million people under Excessive Heat Warnings, increasing the risk of heat-related illnesses. Officials are urging residents to stay hydrated, limit time outdoors, and use cooling centers. Power demand is expected to reach record highs, and ERCOT has issued a Weather Watch due to the forecasted heat. This heatwave is notable for occurring unusually early in the year.

Source: FOX

While the South experiences a heat-wave, our northern neighbors are currently fighting a snow storm, in the middle of June.

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