Sluggish Produce Season Adds to Freight Industry Slowdown

The trucking industry's seasonal uplift during produce season falls short this year, exacerbating an ongoing slowdown due to various factors.

Sluggish Produce Season Adds to Freight Industry Slowdown
Image Source: John Taggart/Bloomberg News

The typical boost in freight demand expected during the produce season has failed to materialize this year, with the trucking industry already facing a slowdown. Normally, the period from February to July is a vital one for freight demand, but this year, several elements came together to weaken it. Among these were an excess of available trucks and a weaker demand heading into the season, coupled with an underwhelming harvest due to unfavorable weather conditions. The American Trucking Associations' data showed for-hire truck tonnage decreasing by 5.4% in March and 1.7% in April, with a small rise of 2.4% in May. These numbers also represent a year-over-year decline.

Source: Transport Topics

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