Stagnation in Spot Market: A Logistic Challenge

Spot market faces a stagnant bottom due to lack of consistent trends. While there are some rate upticks, major surge in rates seems unlikely without a significant market shift.

Stagnation in Spot Market: A Logistic Challenge
Photo by Yassine Khalfalli / Unsplash

The spot market has hit a stagnant bottom with the lack of consistent market trends impeding momentum recovery, says Dean Croke from DAT Freight and Analytics. Despite some increases in spot rates since May, as reported by Arrive Logistics, it's believed these are due to seasonal fluctuations rather than fundamental market shifts. ACT Research suggests that while the spot rate down cycle likely bottomed in April, elevated Class 8 build rates will limit near-term growth. Analysts predict that while seasonal trends will continue, any major surge in rates is unlikely without a significant market disruption.

Source: Transport Topics

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