Taylor Swift Rewards Eras Tour Truckers with $5M in Bonuses

Pop superstar Taylor Swift reportedly gives $5M in bonuses to her tour truck drivers, with more undisclosed amounts for other crew members.

Taylor Swift Rewards Eras Tour Truckers with $5M in Bonuses
Image Source: Taylor Swift/ Twitter

Taylor Swift has reportedly shown enormous gratitude to her Eras Tour crew. The pop music superstar known for hits like 'Bejeweled' has allegedly given a hefty bonus of $100,000 to each of her tour truck drivers. With approximately 50 drivers in her tour crew, this would mean that Swift has disbursed an estimated $5 million in bonuses.

However, the generosity doesn't end there. Reports also suggest that Swift has given additional bonuses to other team members, including band members, dancers, lighting and sound technicians, caterers, and more. The exact amount of these bonuses remains undisclosed. Representatives for Swift have not yet confirmed these reports.

This generous act, if confirmed, underscores the value that Swift places on her crew members who work hard behind the scenes to make her successful tour possible.

Source: Billboard

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