Tesla Semi Proves Its Power

Recent data from the Run for Less event reveals impressive performance by the Tesla Semi, with insights on range and capabilities. Tesla's electric truck appears to live up to the hype.

Tesla Semi Proves Its Power
Source: Run On Less

Data from GEOTAB and NACFE highlights Tesla Semi's capabilities. The event pushed Tesla's Class-8 truck to its limits, testing maximum payload and long-distance travel. -Dave Mullaney from Rocky Mountain Institute shares key findings from Day 1.

Tesla Semi 1: The Powerhouse

Source: Run On Less
  • Covered 335 miles on a single charge in 8 hours.
  • Ended with 17.5% battery left for a buffer.
  • Mostly highway driving at 62 mph.

Tesla Semi 2: Impressive Efficiency

Source: Run On Less
  • Traveled 227 miles in about 6 hours.
  • Ended with 27% battery remaining.
  • Spent half the time idle, but maintained highway speeds.

Tesla Semi 3: Pushing the Limits

  • Achieved 377 miles with battery bottoming out at 1.6%.
  • Predominantly highway driving at 62 mph.

What We've Learned

  • Tesla's range estimates seem accurate.
  • Many unknowns remain, such as load weight and weather conditions.
  • Opportunity charging may be necessary for ranges beyond 350 miles.

Dave Mullaney on Tesla Semi: "The 350-mile truck is for real, but unknowns remain. Opportunity charging will be crucial for extended ranges."

Source: Teslarati

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