<strong>The Top 5 Most Spectacular Truck Driver Drug Busts of 2022</strong>

<strong>The Top 5 Most Spectacular Truck Driver Drug Busts of 2022</strong>

It’s no secret that drug trafficking is a big business. But what you may not know is just how creative some truck drivers get when it comes to smuggling drugs across state lines. FreightCaviar has compiled a list of the top 5 most spectacular truck driver drug busts of 2022. From cocaine hidden in frozen fish to marijuana disguised as carrots, these drivers have pulled out all the stops in their quest for profits. So, without further ado, let’s look at truck drivers’ most ingenious drug busts this year.

# 5: Bucks County Drug Bust in Bucks County, Pennsylvania 

The police pulled over the two suspects for swerving four times over the fog line. A search was carried out, which led to a drug seizure. The police searched a trailer owned by Christian Ochoa, parked at a truck stop, and discovered 19.8lbs.of heroin.


Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Amount of drugs seized: 

  • $4 million worth of cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl.
  • $400,000 in cash. 
  • A handgun. 
  • Six cell phones. 
  • Additional drugs, including almost $29,000 in Percocet pills
  • Four Jesus Malverde candles, known as the Patron Saint of narco-traffickers


  • Christian Ochoa, 28, of Laredo, Texas, who drove the drugs across the country
  • Edith Tomasa Rodriguez Cardenas, 27, of Huntington Park, California. She was a passenger in the car during the traffic stop.

# 4: Tennessee Troopers

Tennessee Highway Patrol stopped a semi-truck for a road safety inspection and discovered cocaine during the inspection.

Location: Henderson County, Tennessee

Amount of drugs seized: 20 kilos (approximately 44 lbs.) of cocaine

Suspects: Euclide Aquino-Urraca, 26, and co-driver L. Minier-Delossantos, 31

# 3: Ambassador Bridge Cocaine Bust

The suspects were found guilty of importing cocaine into the country. 

Location: Ambassador Bridge, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

Amount of drugs seized: 25 blocks adding up to 30.6 kilograms (67lbs.) of cocaine 

Suspects: Preet Kiran Singh Gill, 47 (trucking company owner), Suresh Sharma (driver)

# 2: Waterproof Sealant

The drugs were discovered in a tractor-trailer entering the U.S. from Mexico. The vehicle had been referred for inspection by a canine unit and non-intrusive imaging systems. The trailer was manifesting a shipment of waterproof sealant.  

Location: Colombia-Solidarity Bridge in Laredo, Texas.

Amount of drugs seized:

  • 219.13 pounds of alleged methamphetamine was hidden within the shipment.
  • The estimated street value of the seized drugs is $4,382,744.

Suspects: The case is still under investigation.

# 1: Blue Water Bridge bust

This drug bust comes in at number one. After inspecting large garbage bags and spare tires in a commercial transport truck, border service officers found a large cache of drugs. The street value of the drugs is a whopping $47 million. 

Location: Blue Water Bridge. Canada

Amount of drugs seized: 

  • 265 kilograms (584 lbs.) in suspected heroin, pink cocaine, and methamphetamines
  • Estimated the value of the drugs found was $47 million.


  • Arshdeep Singh, 23, of Quebec City

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