🎣 This Is What Happened

Main takeaways from the TIA Conference. Plus, TQL expands into Freight Alley, the impact of the Baltimore bridge collapse on OTR freight, and Transport Topics names the Top 100 largest logistics companies of 2024.

🎣 This Is What Happened

Good Monday morning. The TIA Capital Ideas Conference is over, but we are still reminiscing about the last few days in Phoenix. From the various freight tech innovations to the networking events, we recorded a quick 25-minute recap episode to tell you more about our experience. On top of that, we provide you with the impact the Baltimore bridge disaster has had on OTR transportation in the United States.

🤔 Question of the Day: The largest logistics company in the US in 2024 is _________. Scroll to the What's Cookin' in Freight section to find out.

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