Top 10 Private Fleets of 2024

Discover the top 10 private fleets of 2024, including AT&T, Amazon, and PepsiCo. See who’s leading the charge in the trucking industry.

Top 10 Private Fleets of 2024
Image Source: PepsiCo

2024 has seen its share of turbulence in the trucking world, but these giants remain unshaken. According to FleetOwner 500, here are the top 10 private fleets by the number of trucks in operation. These companies continue to lead the pack, boasting the highest number of commercial trucks.

FleetOwner provides a Top 500 Private Fleets of 2024. The growth in the chart represents its rise or fall in the ranking from 2023's list.

Rank Company Name Number of Trucks 2024 Growth Headquarters Operating Type
1 AT&T 27,794 0% Dallas, Texas Utilities & Like Services
2 Waste Management 20,497 0% Houston, Texas Sanitation
3 Republic Services 17,715 0% Phoenix, Arizona Sanitation
4 Quanta Services 17,416 0% Houston, Texas Construction
5 PepsiCo 16,336 0% Purchase, New York Food Products
6 Amazon 14,198 0% Seattle, Washington Retail/Wholesale
7 Asplundh 11,391 -1% Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Business or Home Services
8 MasTec 9,278 +5% Coral Gables, Florida Construction
9 Verizon 9,071 -1% New York, New York Utilities & Like Services
10 Waste Connections 9,032 -1% The Woodlands, Texas Sanitation

The consistency in fleet size indicates stability despite industry challenges like rising fuel costs and regulatory pressures. Companies like Amazon and PepsiCo leverage their extensive networks to maintain their positions, focusing on operational efficiency and technological integration.

The Future Outlook:

Expect continued dominance from these giants as they adapt to changing market dynamics. With advancements in fleet technology and sustainability initiatives, it'll be interesting to see how the fleets grown and develop.

Source: FleetOwner

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