📈 Transportation Prices Grow After 19 Months

Plus: Our AMA Above the Clouds with Matt Silver, the most recent Q4 earnings, and an exciting podcast episode with freight brokerage Co-Founders.

📈 Transportation Prices Grow After 19 Months

Good Wednesday morning. We're easing into positive news for freight, with the industry seeing transportation prices showing expansion for the first time in 19 months. We're also bringing you an exclusive impromptu interview with Matt Silver, the latest Q4 logistics earnings, and spotlighting the latest FreightCaviar Podcast with the duo behind Critical Brokerage Services.

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  • Three Freight Headlines: Matt Silver's mid-flight AMA, latest Q4 logistics reports, and a FreightCaviar Podcast episode you don't want to miss.
  • Transportation Prices Finally Show Growth: LMI Survey
  • Around the Freight Web: Transportation stocks soar, brokerage authorities decline, and East Palestine's long cleanup after derailment continues.
  • Freight Meme of the Day

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