Transportation Stocks Rally

XPO stock has risen by 63% over the past six months, outperforming bitcoin's 52% increase.

Transportation Stocks Rally

In recent months, the transportation sector has seen a notable surge in stock prices, with companies like XPO Logistics leading the charge.

Key Highlights:

  • XPO stock has risen by 63% over the past six months, outperforming bitcoin's 52% increase.
  • Significant stock appreciation in Old Dominion (+13%), Knight Swift (+19%), JB Hunt (+22%), and notably Saia, which surged by 27.42%.

XPO Logistics reported a fourth-quarter adjusted earnings per share of 77 cents, surpassing consensus estimates but showing a year-over-year decrease. The company's less-than-truckload (LTL) segment experienced a 9% increase in revenue, reaching $1.19 billion.

Additionally, XPO's acquisition of real estate from Yellow is expected to positively impact earnings per share and the LTL operating ratio by 2025, with potential for further gains if market conditions improve.

XPO's optimistic outlook for the latter half of 2024, as stated by CEO Mario Harik.

Saia's Stellar Performance:

  • Saia's stock has seen a remarkable 27.42% increase over the past six months.
  • Susquehanna raised Saia's target price from $500.00 to $625.00, reflecting confidence in its continued growth.

TFI International Inc. also reported a modest revenue increase to $1.97 billion for the quarter ending December 2023, with earnings per share slightly down from the previous year. The company's performance surpassed Zacks Consensus Estimates for both revenue and EPS, hinting at solid underlying metrics.

Investor Takeaways:

  • The transportation sector, particularly LTL and truckload services, is experiencing a significant upswing.
  • Companies like XPO Logistics and Saia are leading the charge, with optimistic projections for future growth.

Sources: What The Truck?!? Newsletter | Yahoo Finance

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