🎣 Truckers Trapped in Snow

California authorities closed a 100-mile stretch of I-80, linking Reno and Sacramento, due to "spin-outs, high winds, and low visibility." The closure, from the California-Nevada border west of Reno to near Emigrant Gap, California, lacks an estimated reopening time.

🎣 Truckers Trapped in Snow

Good morning. We hope your weekend was peaceful and relaxing. Unfortunately, truckers on I-80 experienced quite the opposite. The Sierra Nevada was hit with a blizzard, leaving many truckers stranded in the snow. Check out our main story for more on that. In other news, produce season has unofficially begun, Andrew Silver joins his father, Jeff, at Mastery, and a truck driver from Sysco escaped a harrowing death.

πŸ€” Question of the Day: Which fruit (you might think it's a vegetable, but it's not) is harvested in Texas between March and April? Scroll to our What's Cookin' in Freight image to find out.

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  • Truckers Trapped in Snow: Sierra Nevada Hit with Blizzard
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