Uber Freight: Reducing Empty Miles

Uber Freight report unveils the trucking industry might be driving double the estimated empty miles, pointing to the need for better load visibility and optimal routing.

Uber Freight: Reducing Empty Miles
Source: Uber Freight

The trucking industry could be driving nearly double the initially estimated empty miles, according to a report from Uber Freight. It suggests between 20% to 35% of the estimated 175 billion miles driven annually in the U.S. are likely empty, contradicting previous estimates of 15%-20%. Underreporting by fleets and survey bias towards larger, more efficient carriers contribute to this discrepancy.

By using government and other existing data, Uber Freight concluded that better visibility over loads, optimal routing control, and industry flexibility could potentially reduce empty miles by up to 64%, effectively leading to a 23% decrease in overall miles driven by freight trucks.

Source: TransportTopics

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