US Inflation Shows Signs of Easing, Hits 4% in May

US cities see inflation return to Fed's 2% target. Major factors like energy costs and consumer spending reflect optimistic economic outlook.

US Inflation Shows Signs of Easing, Hits 4% in May
Photo by engin akyurt / Unsplash

Easing Inflation Across Sectors

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported a slowing inflation rate in the US, with consumer prices rising 4% annually in May, a significant drop from peak inflation in June 2022. Key sectors contributing to this decrease include energy, with costs down nearly 12% due to a substantial 20% drop in gas prices. "Revenge spending", the trend of increased consumer spending post-lockdown, also shows signs of decline. Airfare prices dropped 13% annually in May, and hotel demand is lower than 2019 levels.

Challenges in Food and Rent Prices

Despite these positive signs, food prices saw a slight increase of 0.2% in May from April, reflecting persistent inflation in grocery store items. In contrast, egg prices showed the most substantial monthly drop since 1951, almost 14%, while fruit and vegetable prices rose by 1.3%. Shelter costs, making up the largest category in the CPI report, are still rising, up 8.7% from the previous year. However, reports indicate a possible decline in these costs during the second half of the year.


Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is expected to pause interest rate hikes after a series of 10 consecutive increases. If the inflation continues its downward trend, interest rate hikes might not resume in the near future.

Source: Morning Brew

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