2023 Winter Holiday Season Cargo Theft Trends

Watch out for cargo theft this holiday season. Here are key trends, high-theft areas, targeted commodities, and essential security tips to protect your shipments.

2023 Winter Holiday Season Cargo Theft Trends

Supply chain theft remains at high levels, particularly during the holiday season. CargoNet reports a consistent increase in theft incidents over recent years.

Theft Statistics

  • 205 incidents reported during the holiday season over the past five years.
  • Average theft value: $121,473.
  • $31 million in stolen shipments in Q3 alone.

High-Theft States

  • Texas and California lead with 18% of incidents each.
  • Florida's incidents tripled from 2021 to 2022.
  • Pennsylvania and other states also saw increases.

Targeted Commodities

  • Household items like appliances and furniture are most targeted.
  • Electronics follow closely, reflecting consumer demand.

Theft Locations

  • Thefts mainly occur in retail parking lots and truck stops.
  • Fictitious pickups are a rising form of theft.
  • Warehouses and distribution centers are also common targets.
  • Over 600 strategic cargo thefts recorded since November 2022.
  • California sees the most thefts.
  • Wide range of commodities now targeted, including footwear and ATVs.

Noteworthy Thefts

  • Significant thefts include tequila, footwear, and laptops worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Security Tips

  • Freight brokers should be vigilant, especially with end-of-day transactions.
  • Warehouse security includes thorough checks of facilities and equipment.
  • In-transit cargo security advises accurate vehicle information and proper sealing.

CargoNet's Instruction

  • Report suspicious activity to law enforcement first, then to CargoNet.
  • Elevated levels of theft expected to continue through the holiday season.

Source: TruckingInfo

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