Amazon Shipping Returns, Broadening Reach

Revamped Amazon Shipping now serves a wider range of seller channels, leveraging its expansive delivery network.

Amazon Shipping Returns, Broadening Reach
Image Source: Amazon

Amazon is back with its ground shipping service, revamped and better. Now, not only does it cater to orders placed on, but it also extends to the sellers’ personal websites and other channels. Some noteworthy features:

  • Delivery Span: 2-5 business days for the contiguous U.S.
  • Weight Limit: Packages can be up to 50 lbs.
  • Collaboration: Uses the U.S. Postal Service for extensive delivery coverage.

For the Sellers

With no additional charges for residential or weekend deliveries, the relaunched service could be more economical for sellers. The relaunched service is not limited to just orders placed on; it now also caters to orders from the sellers' personal websites and other channels. This offers a unified shipping solution for businesses that operate across multiple platforms.

On the downside, sellers may become even more dependent on Amazon's ecosystem, making them vulnerable to any potential service changes, pricing changes, or disruptions in Amazon's operations. Of course, there's an inherent conflict of interest when using Amazon's services for non-Amazon sales. Sellers might be hesitant, thinking Amazon could use the shipping data to promote competing products on its platform.

Last year was monumental as Amazon's in-house delivery arm shipped an astounding 4.8 billion parcels within the U.S., surpassing FedEx.

Source: Supply Chain Dive

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