Arrive's May 2024 Freight Market Update

Arrive Logistics' May 2024 Freight Market Update reveals key trends, rising rates, and import forecasts. Here's a rundown of the latest insights on freight demand and supply.

Arrive's May 2024 Freight Market Update

Arrive Logistics just dropped their May 2024 Freight Market Update, and there’s a lot to unpack. From shifting rates to capacity trends, here’s the lowdown on what’s happening in the freight world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Truckload Demand: Demand remains soft but steady. Spot market activity is ticking up, but economic activity is mostly flat.
  • Truckload Supply: Capacity is showing some volatility, but it’s still enough to meet demand.
  • Truckload Rates: Rates are on the rise ahead of the 100 Days of Summer. Expect regional pockets of tightness.
  • Import Trends: Strong import forecasts continue to support OTR freight demand.

Market Conditions:
In April, the market followed typical seasonal trends. While demand postings rose slightly, overall economic activity stayed flat. Capacity continued to exit the market, but there's still enough to cover the demand. Rates rose heading into DOT Week and are expected to keep climbing as we approach summer.

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Truckload Demand:

  • What’s Happening: Demand is soft but steady.
  • Why It Matters: Limited volatility is expected aside from seasonal trends.
  • Details: Contract volumes are up year-over-year, with reefer volume growing by 6.8%. Spot market activity also increased month-over-month and year-over-year in April.

Truckload Supply:

  • What’s Happening: Capacity is volatile.
  • Why It Matters: Rate volatility could increase during the summer.
  • Details: Load-to-truck ratios indicate a balance between supply and demand, making the market more vulnerable to seasonal pressures. Rejection rates are trending similar to 2020, meaning potential disruptions.

Truckload Rates:

  • What’s Happening: Rates are rising.
  • Why It Matters: Increased volatility is expected in the coming months.
  • Details: Reefer spot rates saw the most significant increase, driven by produce season. Diesel prices are below $4.00 per gallon, but could rise with summer demand.

Capacity Outlook:

  • What’s Happening: Surplus capacity continues despite carrier exits.
  • Why It Matters: Ample capacity keeps the market stable.
  • Details: For-hire carrier population has declined for 17 of 19 months but remains significantly higher than pre-July 2020 levels.

Volume Outlook:

  • What’s Happening: Positive import forecasts.
  • Why It Matters: Strong imports drive truckload demand.
  • Details: NRF forecasts over two million TEUs monthly through summer. April import levels are 15% higher than pre-pandemic.

Predictions and Projections:
Expect regional twists and potential rate spikes over the summer. Arrive forecasts typical seasonality with some pockets of tightness, especially during DOT Week and the 100 Days of Summer. Stay tuned!

For more details, check out the full Arrive Logistics May 2024 Freight Market Update.

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