Atlanta Freight Slips as West Coast Rebounds

Georgia's freight market share drops as imports revert to the West Coast.

Atlanta Freight Slips as West Coast Rebounds
Image Source: FreightWaves SONAR

Atlanta's Dip in Demand

  • 11% Drop: Atlanta's share of U.S. freight has fallen over 11% in the past year.
  • Ontario's Gain: Meanwhile, Ontario, California, sees a 14% rebound.

Atlanta is experiencing a notable drain in freight demand, a direct result of importers reverting to West Coast ports like Los Angeles and Long Beach. The shift is due to easing pandemic pressures, cost considerations, and recent geopolitical and environmental disruptions influencing trade routes.

Supply Chain Shifts

  • Savannah's Slowdown: Import share to Savannah, a key feeder for Atlanta's market, is declining.
  • Cost Dynamics: Changes in shipping rates from China and domestic truckload rates are pivotal in routing decisions.

The redirection of imports is significantly impacting trucking operations in and around Atlanta, potentially leading to longer transit routes and a reevaluation of carrier networks.

Source: FreightWaves

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