Building a Logistics Business You Can Sell with Jordan Gerber

Jordan Gerber unveils secrets to a sellable logistics firm. Learn tech challenges, leadership essentials, and market trends.

Building a Logistics Business You Can Sell with Jordan Gerber

In our most recent episode of the FreightCaviar podcast, we sit down with Jordan Gerber, Managing Director at Caber Hill Advisors. If you've ever dreamed of constructing a logistics company that's not just sustainable but also highly sellable, Jordan is your go-to guide. Our conversation with Jordan takes us through the twists and turns of transactions, valuations, and the particulars of buying and selling in logistics. Here are some insights you don’t want to skip.

Big Hurdles for Logistics Owners:

  1. Tech Troubles: One mistake is lacking the right technology.
  2. Poor Leadership Teams: The value of a strong management team can’t be overstated.
  3. Customer Concentration: Putting all your eggs in one basket with one big client is a pitfall you’d want to avoid.

Market Insights: What’s Trending?

  • Favoring the Underdogs. Jordan highlights, "A lot more companies are doing what’s called ‘add-ons’ which are your smaller deals… the 10 million in revenue or even a million are going through."
  • It’s a Sellers’ Market: If you’re thinking about selling, now’s a good time. "There aren’t as many great companies selling out there, but there are a ton of people looking to buy," Jordan observes.

Focus on Trucking Transactions:

  • Making a Comeback: "Trucking’s on the way back up," Jordan reveals, connecting this trend with the number of calls he’s getting from trucking companies.
  • The Three Pillars: "Five million in revenue and above is where you can start looking to sell. Next, we look at the number of trucks (15 trucks is great), routes, and geography."

And that’s just a hint at what the full interview has to offer. Whether you own a trucking company or a freight brokerage, Jordan offers plenty of insights on buying and selling in the logistics sector. Catch the complete episode on Youtube or Spotify.

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