CBP Nabs $496K Cocaine in Cotton Candy Shipment

CBP officers at Laredo's World Trade Bridge seize 37 pounds of cocaine valued at nearly $500K hidden in a truck hauling cotton candy.

CBP Nabs $496K Cocaine in Cotton Candy Shipment

Imagine this: a truck full of cotton candy with a not-so-sweet secret. Here's what went down:

  • Sweet Disguise, Bitter Reality: At the World Trade Bridge, CBP officers flagged down a commercial truck under the guise of transporting cotton candy for a routine check that was anything but.
  • Tech and Teamwork: Thanks to sharp tech and canine alerting, officers uncovered 37 pounds of cocaine craftily concealed within the truck.

Hidden Details:

Packages containing 37 pounds of cocaine seized by CBP officers at World Trade Bridge. Source: CBP
  • Inspection Savvy: A secondary inspection involving non-intrusive scanning and a canine team led to the discovery.
  • Big Bust: The cocaine stash had a street value of $496,879.

Operations like these spotlight the critical role of technology and trained personnel in curbing narcotics trafficking. Expect CBP to ramp up their game even more in the future, tightening checks to keep these sneaky shipments at bay.

Sources: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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