Record Meth Seizure of 6.5 Tons at Eagle Pass Port

CBP officers at Eagle Pass seize a record 6.5 tons of meth worth $117M, marking the largest meth seizure at a port of entry.

Record Meth Seizure of 6.5 Tons at Eagle Pass Port

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at Eagle Pass Port of Entry seized six and a half tons of methamphetamine valued at over $117 million, marking the largest ever methamphetamine seizure at a port of entry. This operation, carried out on February 18, involved a tractor-trailer supposedly carrying a drying agent for piglets but was found to contain nearly 13,101 pounds of methamphetamine after a canine and non-intrusive inspection. The effort highlights the ongoing battle against drug trafficking and CBP's commitment to securing the border and preventing the influx of narcotics into the country.

Source:, CBS

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