ChainCargo Rebrands to CtrlChain as it Expands to Offer Comprehensive Logistics Solutions

CtrlChain's growth of over 145% in two years highlights its success in enhancing service quality, reducing costs, and increasing digitalization.

ChainCargo Rebrands to CtrlChain as it Expands to Offer Comprehensive Logistics Solutions
CEO and Founder, Giovanni Gubbels

ChainCargo, the leading Dutch logistics company active in Europe and the United States, announced its rebranding to CtrlChain today, marking a significant step in its growth strategy. This name change reflects its comprehensive services and aligns with the company's plans to enter new markets and introduce additional services.

Giovanni Gubbels, Founder and CEO, explained that combining "Ctrl" and "Chain" symbolizes a control tower, highlighting the access to crucial data insights and control over the logistics processes. This results in enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved service levels.

Since its foundation, the company has been dedicated to leveraging advanced solutions to optimize existing transport capacity and create transparency between shippers and carriers within the logistics industry.

"We remain the same team committed to managing our partners' logistics needs, allowing them to concentrate on their core business. As we grow, we aim to position ourselves as a logistics service provider with a complete solution. The rebranding to CtrlChain also more accurately reflects our ambition to create an automated logistics ecosystem where no carrier ever has to do an empty run again," Gubbels stated.

Tackling the Industry's Challenges and Growth Over the Years

The company's ability to combine advanced technology and extensive industry knowledge has led to an impressive growth of over 145% in the last two years. "Shippers and carriers recognize the advantages of collaborating with us, including enhanced service quality, reduced operational cost, and increased digitalization. We are actively addressing key industry issues like freight fraud, driver shortages, and lack of sustainability, notably by offsetting CO2 emissions," Gubbels added.

Over the past five years, CtrlChain has significantly expanded its network. Starting with courier services in the BeNeLux region, it quickly grew into the FTL market and now provides a full range of logistics services. In early 2023, the company entered the U.S. market, opening an office in Chicago. Currently, CtrlChain employs over 80 people across its offices in Eindhoven, Barcelona, and Chicago.

Last year, CtrlChain (ChainCargo back then) signed a strategic partnership agreement with Haven Ventures, a sister company to NewCold focused on investments in software technology and vertical integrations. This partnership aimed and continues to enhance digitalization, facilitate international expansion, and allow CtrlChain to offer comprehensive logistics services while continuing to minimize waste in logistics.

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