Coast Guard Seizes $448M in Narcotics at Port Everglades

U.S. Coast Guard's massive drug offload at Port Everglades highlights the unity in combating transnational crime.

Coast Guard Seizes $448M in Narcotics at Port Everglades
Image Source: U.S. Coast Guard

The Big Bust at Port Everglades

  • The U.S. Coast Guard flexed some muscle, offloading a whopping 33,200 pounds of cocaine and 12,400 pounds of marijuana.
  • Estimated street value? A staggering $448 million.

Who was in on the action?

  • Multiple U.S. Coast Guard Cutters like James and Thetis.
  • Teams including the Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron & U.S. Customs.
  • All collaborated under the banner of Joint Interagency Task Force South.

Why it Matters:
Vice Adm. Kevin Lunday puts it simply, "This offload is about national security.” The effort saw numerous U.S. agencies coming together, showing that unity is paramount in fighting drug cartels and ensuring national safety.

On a Parting Note:
Success isn't an isolated effort. "We appreciate the immense support and dedication from our partners," says Capt. Donald Terkanian of James.

Source: United States Coast Guard News

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