Molson Coors Wins 2023 Shipper of Choice Award

Molson Coors, recognized as 2023's Shipper of Choice, excels in supply chain management, shipping 13M barrels of beverages annually.

Molson Coors Wins 2023 Shipper of Choice Award
Molson Coors sells about 11 billion canned beverages per year and has more than 7,000 transportation providers in its global supply chain. (Photo: Molson Coors) - Source: FreightWaves

Molson Coors, a multinational beverage and brewing company, has been recognized as a Shipper of Choice for 2023 by FreightWaves for its efforts to keep its vast supply chain flexible and efficient. The company, which operates breweries globally, ships about 13 million barrels of beer and other beverages annually, partnering with over 7,000 transportation providers. CEO Gavin Hattersley attributed their effective supply chain management to strategic decisions, including the expansion of their supplier base, which helped accommodate increasing consumer demand and respond swiftly to potential changes in supply.

Former CEO of MoLo Solutions, Andrew Silver, commented on FreightWave's LinkedIn post:

Source: FreightWaves

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