Darien Student's $3.5M Shipping Fraud Scheme

21-year-old Darien College student faces 45 years in prison for orchestrating a $3.5M shipping fraud scheme.

Darien Student's $3.5M Shipping Fraud Scheme
Image Source: jackmacbarstool / TikTok

It's a Netflix docuseries-worthy heist: 21-year-old Matthew Frederic Bergwall, a University of Miami student from Darien, CT, decided to swap textbooks for thievery in a $3.5 million shipping fraud scheme. Bergwall is facing a potential 45-year-stint in federal prison for the scheme.

How It Worked:

  • Gained unauthorized access to employee accounts at a shipping company.
  • Entered fraudulent tracking info for high-value items like electronics and designer goods.
  • This fraud allowed for merchandise refunds while keeping the goods.

The Impact:

  • Nearly 10,000 fraudulent returns.
  • Loss of $3.5 million in products and sales for victim retailers.

Extravagant Spending:

  • Bergwall splurged on luxury items: a $41,000 Rolex watch, an electric skateboard, a smart TV, and more.
  • He funded lavish trips, allegedly taking his girlfriend to Dubai.

A University of Miami student funded his lavish lifestyle with an alleged $4 million fraud shipping scheme.

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Source: Patch

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