DHL Invests €500m to Broaden Supply Chains Beyond China

Deutsche Post DHL is investing €500m in Latin America, expanding warehouses in alternative hubs to meet growing demand for diversified supply chains.

DHL Invests €500m to Broaden Supply Chains Beyond China
Photo by Claudio Schwarz / Unsplash

Deutsche Post DHL is planning to make a significant investment of €500m in its Latin American business to tap into the burgeoning demand to broaden supply chains beyond China. The logistics giant is constructing new warehouses in alternative manufacturing hubs such as Mexico, Malaysia, and Vietnam, as companies strive to diversify their sourcing. This strategic move has been triggered by disruptions during China's strict Covid-19 lockdowns and escalating geopolitical tensions, which have urged multinationals to secure their supply chains and reduce dependence on China.

Source: Financial Times

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