Diesel Price Surges 9.9¢, Reaching $3.905 per Gallon

Diesel prices surge 9.9¢ in a week, hitting $3.905 a gallon, marking the largest increase since March 2022.

Diesel Price Surges 9.9¢, Reaching $3.905 per Gallon
Image Source: EIA.gov

The national average price of on-highway diesel has soared by 9.9 cents, hitting $3.905 per gallon, marking the most substantial one-week increase since March 2022.

This significant leap comes after a week of no price fluctuation, as reported by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). All ten regions surveyed by the EIA noted a rise in diesel prices. On a related note, the national average gasoline price also climbed, increasing by 3.7 cents to reach $3.596 per gallon. This fluctuation in fuel costs impacts various sectors, from logistics and transportation to consumer goods pricing.

Source: Transport Topics

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