Diesel Price Up 11.2¢ in Third Weekly Surge

National average diesel price rises for the third week, up by 43.3¢ since July 17. Diesel now 75.4¢ cheaper than the same period in 2022.

Diesel Price Up 11.2¢ in Third Weekly Surge
Photo by Mohamed Elwaid / Unsplash

Based on Energy Information Administration data, the national diesel price has risen for the third consecutive week, marking an 11.2¢ increase to $4.239. Notably, the last instance of such a three-week surge was in October 2022. Since July 17, the price has skyrocketed by 43.3¢ per gallon, inclusive of a notable 22.2¢ leap on July 31. Current diesel rates sit 75.4¢ below the same timeframe in 2022.

All ten regions surveyed by EIA witnessed a price hike, with California's increase being the most pronounced at 18.1¢ and New England's being the least at 7.4¢. Parallelly, gasoline prices have climbed 7.1¢, averaging $3.828 per gallon, which is 21¢ lower year-on-year.

Source: Transport Topics/ EIA

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